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About Lavanya

Hi, my name is Lavanya Sivagnanam. Thank you for reading more about me. 

Lavanya is our Social Media Coordinator (SMC) who is behind our online accounts. She has over 2 years in experience in digital marketing and has a strong passion for Psychology. She is currently completing a degree in Psychology at York University. Her goal is to spread positivity and mental health awareness across our platforms. 


Lavanya has completed a Foundations of Digital Marketing certificate to further enhance her skills as a social media coordinator. In her downtime, she is reading on new app developments and how to optimize results for the content she creates. 


Psychology has always been something close to heart for Lavanya and she is happy to work for a company that carries values similar to hers. She believes everyone deserves to understand and communicate with a trusted professional. Encouraging clients and attracting new clients is something she is very proud of. 



What Makes Me Stand Out


  • Bachelors of Art in Psychology

    • York University, In progress


  • Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing

    • Coursera

  • Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

    • Coursera


  • English

  • Tamil

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