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Am I Ready For Psychotherapy?

Knowing if you are ready for psychotherapy is challenging to quantify and break down as this is a completely subjective experience for clients. Clients are and remain the experts in their lives and always know when they need support and are ready for psychotherapy. This moment of realization sometimes occurs when current coping mechanisms are no longer adaptively functioning and things are feeling more difficult to manage in life than previously. Specific things you can ask yourself and measure to know where you are at are: how are you performing with your responsibilities (e.g. work or school)?, how is your hygiene (e.g. self or environmental), how is your romantic or platonic relationships?, and what is your relationship like with self?

These questions are great guides to check-in with your mental health as they cater towards your day to day functioning and overall satisfaction in life. However, each client has their unique reasons as to how they know they are ready for therapy and Psychotherapists are here to meet you wherever you are at. A great way to start your psychotherapy journey is by scheduling a Meet and Greet with one or two of our practitioners to find the best support for you! Visit our social media pages for more information and tips before starting therapy!

The initial appointment is all about information gathering and getting to know who you are and what brings you into therapy. This is an ongoing process, which helps for the first session to not feel as overwhelming. Clients are encouraged to share how much and what they feel comfortable with. Follow ups are usually a continuation from the previous session and if homework was given, we check-in about the progress of the task. However, this is a flexible structure as there are many things that can happen in life and change the flow of sessions. Ultimately, this is your session - you choose how you would like it to go and I will meet you where you are at and follow your pace.

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