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What Am I Getting Myself Into!? The Risk And Benefits of Psychotherapy

As much as you come to therapy with the hopeful outcome of growth and healing; the reality is this requires change and change can be scary. We do talk about the risks and benefits of therapy before or during your first session with your Psychotherapist. However, this topic is often brought up throughout your psychotherapy journey as it is really mind blowing! For the benefits of psychotherapy, you can experience deeper insight and awareness, better coping mechanisms, and a better understanding of myself and myself in relation to others, to enhance your well-being. However, you may also experience difficult and painful emotions that challenge my beliefs, values, and norms. This can be the overwhelming and scary part for some clients. Rest assured, with the support and guidance of your chosen Psychotherapist, you will be okay even when you feel like you are not. Nonetheless, you are encouraged to explore and process my triggers in therapy with your Psychotherapist.

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