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What Is Psychotherapy You Ask?

Psychotherapy is essentially "talk therapy" that assists and supports persons, with mental health concerns, to improve their current life situation(s) and overall well-being. Psychotherapy encourages and supports people to develop healthy and functional coping mechanisms with an individual's unique challenging concerns. Psychotherapy can be brief or long term; much of the work depends on the individual and their concern(s). Overall, psychotherapy promotes healing and growth!

Psychotherapists is a regulated profession and therefore you can be covered by your private insurance company - depending on your benefits. If you are living in Ontario, unfortunately, psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP. Some common concerns that people start psychotherapy for are: anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, grief, trauma, interpersonal concerns, identity concerns, and much more. It is important to note that we all have mental health, but we do not all have a mental illness or disorder. Although Psychotherapists are qualified to support those with mental illness(es) or disorder(s), we do not diagnose or provide prescriptions as a way of treatment. Psychotherapists use scientific researched approaches and modalities within the therapeutic session to support the client towards the goal. We are there with our clients along the way as the journey can be overwhelming (at first) but has astonishing outcomes.

Nonetheless, if you are requiring a mental diagnosis or support with your medication, please consult a Psychologist or Psychiatrist and we will be happy to continue your support thereafter!

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